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Chengdu City Guide

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, lies in the hinterland of the Chengdu Plain, in central Sichuan. Covering a total land area of 12,400 square kilometers, Chengdu has a jurisdiction of over 7 districts, 4 cities and 8 counties. By the end of 1999, the population of Chengdu had reached 10.036 million, of which 3.30 million were urban residents. Chengdu enjoys a long history. 2,500 years ago, Kaiming IX, king of ancient Shu in the Zhou Dynasty (11th century 256BC), started to set up the capital in Chengdu. "A town was built in this area in the first year and the capital in the second year, so the ancestor named the city as Chengdu, which means to become a capital. Later on, Chengdu gradually became one of the most important centers of politics, economy and culture in China.As one of China's famous historical and cultural cities, Chengdu enjoys rich tourist resources. 15,500 years ago, a well-known poet in the Jin Kingdom, Zuo Si extolled Chengdu as lofty and pretty. This city has also gained the eulogium by both Li Bai, the poet immortal and Du Fu, the poet sage. With rich cultural heritage and beautiful scenic spots, Chengdu is a peaceful and prosperous city.

Chengdu is proud of its cultural background and scenic beauties. we can see a clear history with all the sites and evidence that exists. On the vast and fertile Chengdu plain,there are many historic remains that reveals the past of this city.Sangxingdui museum displays the ancient city, ancient kingdom, and ancient shu, which is considered as one of the ten most valuable discoveries in china. The Jinsha ruin is anther important remain that has been discovered in recent years.The Dujiangyan irrigation system built about 2000 years age contributes to the fertile land and agricultural wealth of Chengdu. In Chengdu city, we can visit the royal tomb of Wangjian, the Wuhou temple, the Dufu’thatched cottage, the river viewing pavilion park, and Qingyang temple.Around Chengdu sity, there are many beautiful and impressive natural scenery sports, such as Mt Emei, Mt Qingcheng, Mt xilingxueshan Etc.Those are the best choices to smell the fresh air.

The famous cultural city, chengdu,is not only known for her history of more than 2300 years, but also noted for its leisure life style. Chengdu portrays itself as the eden of the east, for it is associated with leisure affluence and romance, just like the orifinal garden of eden of biblical reputation,leisure is definitely the true color of the city.On a fine day, one can go to a plain tea house, find a bamboo chair,lie on it in the most comfortable position and order a cup of tea. You can half a dozen newspapers and flip through the pages as you like. You might doze off in all the comfort. You might slop tea while watching tea art or various performances, such as the breathing of fire or acrobatics.
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Chengdu City Guide

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