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Yading Nature Reserve, Daocheng

Yading Nature Reserve, Daocheng
Honored as the “last pure land on our blue planet”, Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve was first known to the world when the famous American adventurer Joseph F. Rock published his article and photographs of Daocheng on the National Geographic in 1928. “Where in all the world is to be found scenery comparable to that which awaits the explorer and photographer!” He wrote in his article. The snow-capped mountains, steep cliffs, limpid lakes, vast pastures, as well as the dense woods compose a harmonious utopian land.

Holy Mountains
Chenrezig (Xiannairi) Holy Mountain
Jambeyang (Yangmaiyong) Holy Mountain
The most important spots in the scenic area are the three religious sacred snow-clad mountains, namely, Mt. Chenrezig, Jambeyang and Chanadorje. They completely separate from each other but within a short distance, shaping a triangle. The three mountains are worshipped as embodiments of three Bodhisattvas, respectively the Bodhisattva of Mercy, Wisdom, and Power. Local Tibetans believe that the three holy mountains protect them and if one sincerely makes pilgrimages to the three mountains, his wishes will come true.

Pearl Lake
Pearl LakeMt. Chenrezig (Xiannairi), with an altitude of 19,790 feet (6,032 meters), is the highest peak in Daocheng County. The whole peak takes the shape of an honorable Buddha who is leaning back. The Buddha, often regarded as the Bodhisattva of Mercy, sits in a lotus seat, with a giant pagoda in her arms. When the sun shines, the whole mountain is draped in a veil of golden lights, presenting a really magnificent view. Waterfalls sourcing from snow-capped peaks rush down the hillside. Grasses, lakes, and forests decorate the mountain at their best. The , believed to be the cosmetic mirror of fairies, is an excellent spot to admire the mountain. In sunny days, you can see the reflection of Chenrezig on the lake surface.

Mt. Jambeyang (Yangmaiyong) has an elevation of 19,547 feet (5,958 meters) and presents a holy white appearance, very much alike a pure and dignified maiden. From a distance, the lofty peak towers up into the clouds, as if the Bodhisattva of Wisdom is pointing at the sky with a sharp sword.

Described by Joseph F. Rock as a huge bat spreading wings and the God of Thunder in Greek myths, Mt. Chanadorje (Xianuoduoji) rises against the skyline. As high as Mt. Jambeyang, it is in the shape of a triangular pyramid, grand and precipitous, just like a handsome young man.

Chonggu Monastery
At the foot of Mt. Chenrezig, there is the Chonggu Monastery, an inevitable pass to the holy mountains. It is said that once upon a time, an eminent monk built this temple for the sake of worshiping the three mountains. However, a disease attacked the surrounding areas at that time. This selfless monk prayed day and night to the god to save the people. Finally, all the people were saved while he sacrificed. To commemorate his great deeds, people buried him on this land and piled majestic Tibetan carns for him.

Luorong Pasture
Surrounded by rolling mountains, Luorong Pasture is the best site to view the three holy mountains. Herds of sheep and cows enjoy the green grass, clear water and warm sunlight there leisurely. When there is a breeze, the lovely creatures are barely visible standing between flourishing grasses, as if some wool balls are rolling around.

Milk Lake
Milk LakeIn addition, the Five Clolor Lake (Wuse Hai) and Milk Lake (Niunai Hai) are well worth visiting.




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