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Erlang Mountain

Erlang Mountain
Erlang Mountain lies 50 kilometers to the west of Tianquan County of Sichuan Province, 3,437 meters above sea level. In May, azaleas flourish in red, blue, purple and white color on the mountain, attracting many beautiful butterflies dancing around. There is a view-watching platform on the mountain, which is actually a cliff with a deep valley below. Across the cliff there are ice peaks, the end of glaciers of ancient times. The rotes of the Qingyi River and springs along clear brooks can be heard through thick pine forest, and white clouds can be seen floating across the blue sky over the mountain, which adds peculiar traits to the scenery of Erlang Mountain.

Erlang Mountain is notorious for its craggedness and bad weather. Being the first critical and dangerous pass along the Chuanzang (from Sichuan to Tibet) Road, it is called Tian Qian (Natural Moat). Perennial heavy snows, storms, thick fogs and mudslides visit this place frequently. It makes transportation even more difficult for that the time of snowing or raining occupies three fourths of one year.

The project of the Erlang Mountain Tunnel started in 1996 with a total investment of RMB 440 million. The tunnel begins in Longdanxi of Tianquan County and stops in Bietuo Village of Luding County. Running across the mountainside, the tunnel is 8,660 meters long with main tunnel of 4,172 meters in length, and 9 meters in net width, 5 meters in height and 2,182 meters above sea level, and is the longest and the highest among all the road tunnels in operation in China.In China, the most beautiful viewing platform, Gongga mountain - Niubeishan viewing platform.


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