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Hailuogou Valley

.Hailuogou Valley
Hailuogou (Conch Gully) National Glacier Forest Park is located on the eastern side of Gonggar Mountain in Luding County of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze, Sichuan Province. It is 319 kilometers away from Chengdu, 49 kilometers away from Kangding, one of the only preserved modern marine glaciers in low-latitude places or at low altitude in the world.

Hailuogou originated from an ice-melted valley of eastern slope of the main peak of Gonggar Mountain. There are three characteristics of the Hailuogou tourism resources: the fist one is that Hailuogou is at the foot of the mountain , the Gonggar snow mountain is magnificent, dazzling and glorious seen from afar in the sunshine. The second one is that Hailuogou glaciers is the lowest one compared with others in the same latitude at the domestic with the latitude of 2850 meters. Its 6 km glacier tongue penetrates into the virgin forest, forming a rare natural landscape with the blend of glacier and forest. Hailuogou glaciers are the modern glaciers which were formed 1600 years ago. There is a huge ice falls which is 1000 meters wide, falling about 1080 meters. When the ice and snow are collapsing, blue ray sparkling, snow and fog mixed together, the sound are just like thunder that you can hear it one to two kilometers away. one fall is several million cubic meters , just a unique scene in the world. The third one is that there are dozens of hot springs here in the icy world, in which visitors can bathe the hot springs. The temperature of the hot spring is between 40°C to 80°C ,including which there is a boiled hot spring which reaches 90 °C. It is miracle that all the hot springs and the ice are mixed together.

The east of the main peak of Gonggar mountain is the steep high mountains and gorges, the terrain here is ups and downs, Dadu river flowing and roaring. The ravine is narrow and the water is steep, the cliffs are standing shoulder by shouler. Less than 30 kilometers at the horizontal distance there is a unique 6500 meters grand gorge. Hailuogou scenic area is in the gorges, the terrain here is complex, the temperature special, no summer but all spring at the foot of the mountain. The temperature here is pleasant with the annual average 15°C. The peak is covered with snow all year around with the annual average 9°C.

The highest altitude of Gonggar mountain is 7556 meters, the highest in Sichuan province, as well the nearest high mountain more than 7000 meters with the eastern part of our country, which is called the king of the Shu(which is the old name of Chengdu). In the Tibetan language, Gong is snow, Ga is white, so together it means the white perfect snow mountain.

Gonggar mountain is grotesque and steep with a platform about 70 square meters in the peak with snow all year around. It is sparkling in the sun, very magnificent. The mountains here are shoulder by shoulder, the ice s stable and snow is deep that attracts many climber from domestically and abroad. On 13th, June, 1957, the climbing team of our country climbed to the peak and decided to open it to the pubic and accept climbing teams from abroad.

It is the ideal place to enjoy Gonggar mountain in Hailuogou. There are 45 mountains which are higher than 6000 meters near it, when you climb on the Erceng mountain or Lion stone, seeing afar, the sky are blue and there are dozens of snow mountains shoulder by shoulder in which Gonggar mountain is the highest one. Every morning or evening, the mountains are all covered with a sparkling golden ray, which is the famous Sun shines on golden mountain in Hailuogou.

Hailuogou glaciers are the typical modern marine low-latitude glaciers. It is 14.7 kilometers long, with a total area of 16 square kilometers, the highest latitude of 6750 meters, the lowest of 2850 meters, the gap is 3900 meters. The glacier is like a grey white dragon flying from Gonggar mountain , mighty and magnificently. The glaciers penetrate in to the forest about 6 kilometers to form a rare natural landscape with the blend of glacier and forest. It is the largest and the lowest one in the five glaciers that visitors can enjoy sceneries here easily on the glaciers. The huge icy falls are 1080 meters long and 1100 meters wide, the largest icy fall explored in our country till now. it is 15 times of Huangguoshu falls .

Firstly, Gongga mountain is always covered with snow throughout the year. Standing in the valley and looking up to the mountain, one can feel the grandness and glorious radiation of Gongga.
Secondly, there are 74 glaciers on the Gongga Snow Mountain. Among them, the glacier in Trumpet Shell Valley, also called No.1 Glacier, is the longest. It has a total length of about 14.7 kilometers (approx. 9 miles). Moreover, it is unique in itself for it is a low-altitude glacier. Its lowest point being at an altitude of 2,850 meters (about 9,350 feet).

The No.1 Glacier is made up of three stages: the firn basin (the origin of the glacier), the great frozen waterfall and the glacier tongue. The frozen waterfall is between 500 (1,640 feet) and 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) wide and 1,080 meters (3,543 feet) high. It's so rare that it's very difficult to find another frozen waterfall like it in anywhere else in this world. When an avalanche occurs, snow and ice thunder down the glacier with great force. The glacier tongue extends into primitive forests for about six kilometers (about 3.7 miles). Dense forests coexist with glacier. The No.1 Glacier is hyperactive and over time, a lot of ice holes, ice ladders, ice gates, ice lakes and ice peaks came into being.

Additionally, the valley possesses very abundant plants and animal resources. Over 2,500 kinds of plants can be found there, such as Chinese dove trees, katsura trees, tetracentrons, circaeasters, kingdonia balfs and rhododendrons. And more than 400 kinds of animals live there, including wildebeests, giant pandas, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer, wild donkeys, leopards, and back-neck cranes, water dogs, and Tibetan snow cocks and so on.


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