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Jiayang Steam Train

Jiayang Little Steam Train
The steam engine was invented by Watt in the 18th Century. Then it became popular quickly around the world and changed our life greatly. Although steam engine trains has disappeared from the world more than 200 years later, Can you imagine that the little steam train in Jiayang, which is regarded as 'the only narrow gauge small steam train in operation', is still being used in China.

Beautiful landscape along the railway track Taking the Steam Train to enjoy the blom of rape in Spring
In the mountains and hills of south Sichuan, runs the 19.8km long Bashi (Bagou-Shixi) Railway. The railway gauge is only 76.2 centimetres wide and the train carriages are half the size of standard trains, hence the railway being called the 'Jiayang Lesser Train'. It is called as 'living fossil of the 18th century industrial revolution.

The Jiayang steam train has been running for almost half a century. It was built in 1958 and opened on July 12, 1959 for coal transportation. As the only steam train that still runs in the world, Jiayang small train is characterized by its narrow gauge, curvedness, large number of tunnels, and beautiful landscape. It is now a wonder and legend in the history of locomotive in the world. It is the only steam operated narrow gauge line in China which has a regular passenger service running at a fixed timetable. It winds through green mountain ranges, whistling and steaming.

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