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Munigou Valley Park

Munigou valley of Songpan
Mounigou valley is Located in Moni town southwest to Songpan city, occupying an area of 160sq km with the average altitude of 2800m. The annual average temperature in this area only goes to 4'C. Peaks ,forests ,caves and lakes coexist and enrich each other. Most of the lakes there have the same beautiful sceneries as Jiuzhaigou, and the calcified waterfall is as splendid as those in Huanglong. The groups of Karst caves and pearl hot springs are also waiting for your visit. Nowadays, 2 scenic spots are opened to the public : Zhaga waterfall and Er'daohai.

Er`daohai Er`daohai, (meaning two lakes in English), is located at the end of Mounigou valley, which is separated from Zhaga waterfall by a mountain. It derived its name from 2 local lakes ,Dahaizi and Xiaohaizi.
Er`daohai scenic spot is , actually, a long narrow valley about 5 kms running through by a wooden plank road. While walking into it, you can see a series of lakes one after another with crystal clear water. Wild flowers and the green branches are reflected on the lake surface, it just looks like an oily painting. At the deepest end of Er`daihai lies a hot spring with the legend that fairies from the heaven once bathed here. The temperature of its water is about 25 with a strong smell of sulfur. People are always seen bathing here in order to cure or prevent skin disease.

Zhaga waterfall Zhaga waterfall is a layered waterfall with the width of 35m and height of 104m, which names the No.1 highest calcified waterfall in china. The dropping speed of the water is about 23m/second, which roars the whole valley. Starting from the bottom of the valley you walk and ascend slowly passing by a series of scenic spots. When you reach at the magnificent waterfall at last, you can appreciate the whole view of it.


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