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Shunan Bamboo's sea


Shunan Bamboo's sea(Shunanzhuhai)
Shunan Bamboo's sea for state-level scenery scenic spot area, “China tourist attraction four top-notch” one, is located the Ipin Changning, between river peaceful two counties. The Shunan Bamboo's sea is the garden magnificent sight bamboo grove.On 70,000 Chinese acre lands the mao bamboo is densely covered, blots out the sky.A summer day piece of onion long, a winter piece silver white, is the domestic and foreign unusual big area bamboo scenic spot.。The bamboo sea bamboo class variety is many, besides mao bamboo, but also has the golden bamboo, the abacus bamboo, the sinocalamus affinis, Mianzhu, the bamboo flower, the concave bamboo and so on more than 30 varieties. Suchuan moso bamboo sea old name Wan Lingqing.Plays Northern Song Dynasty renowned poet Huang Tingjian to this, saw here green bamboo sea, acclaims again and again, submits a written statement to “Wan Lingqing” in Huang Sanshi three characters, thus acquires fame.。In the Shunan Bamboo's sea breeze scenic area has scenic spot 124, distributes broadly.The entire scenic area thing long 13 kilometers, the north and south width approximately 6 kilometers, in which level scenic spot 15, two level of scenic spot 19, the Shunan Bamboo's sea element by male, the danger, quiet, towering, Xiu is approximately famous, in which emperor of Japan temple, the great treasure stronghold, the immortal lodge the hole, blue Long Lake, the' seven colors fly waterfall, ancient battlefield, view cloud pavilion, jadeite corridor, tea mountain, landscapes and so on flowered brook 13 bridges are been called “the bamboo sea to be top-notch”.

The Shunan Bamboo's sea air is fresh, pure.The negative oxygen ion content is high, is our country level environmental protection tourist area. Rides in a carriage from Ipin to the east travels southward 68 kilometers, arrived Shunan Bamboo's sea west front door Changnign County, starts from here to enter the scenic area.The vast bamboo Coptis Chinensis range, fully has covered more than 500 massifs continually.Here altitude above sea level is 600 meters to 1000 meters, whole year temperature in 0℃ to 30℃ between, warm in winter and cool in summer, all is suitable for to travel throughout the year.。Forgets sad the valley is a narrow long mountain valley; Here mao bamboo is long crowdedly both and sturdy, blocks the sky, causes the entire mountain valley to appear deep and quiet.The tourist walks in the convolution curving bamboo diameter, listens to Shui Mingniao the chirp view green bamboo wild flower, lives every refinedly, the graceful feeling. Forgets sorrow valley, has several dozens miles in the secluded bamboo grove to tour the trail, is called “the jadeite corridor”.Strolls in this corridor, the fresh air fills with including the bamboo leaves delicate fragrance, if places oneself the extra mundane.。 By “the jadeite corridor” the vanguard, front is the famous scenic spot immortal lodges the hole.The immortal lodges the hole to be located two county borders to scratch on the ear crag, for SIchuan south the Foshan paradise, is famous lonesomely and quietly take the wonderful danger, passes on as builds the bamboo grove the precious thin bamboo female immortal residence.

At nightfall, may appreciate to plays a stringed musical instrument the frog sound, the sound like guqin, -odd rhyme is continuously long, world-wide rarely heard of.Area this the appearance of the mountain winds, the Dan cliff like truncates。Goes to the immortal to lodge the hole to have from the construction nearby the cliff trail upward hundred meters, really for thrilling.Hole long approximately 200 meters, depth of a house 10 meters, high approximately 15 meters.In the hole is originally the ancient Daoist temple, has Buddhist temple hall, the Jade Emperor palace, the Goddess of Mercy palace, the celestial being with noble rank palace and so on.The present Daoist temple has not saved, but still had the carved stone image of Buddha and Taoism idol more than 40.Here is watches the bamboo sea the good place.Stands looks into the distance from a high place in Dongkou, sees only Wan Zhuxian Tao, the bamboo sea unusual scenery in the eyeground. Secludes to the tianbao continues the vanguard, may mount along the graceful slug deep canyon luxuriantly growing forest's in plank road in the style of antiquity constructs on the sheer precipice the tianbao stronghold.Here Yi Shounan attacks, was “one man guards the pass, Wan Fumo opens” the place, the local national minority once stations troops in this.

The tianbao ancient stack Daoist priest amounts to 1500 meters, opens cutting above the sheer precipice, marches forward along the plank road, seems flies up to the eaves and walls, thrilling exceptionally.After the ancient plank road repairs and maintains, is shocking but not dangerous, has increased the enormous pleasure for the tourist.Long Yinsi is located north the scenic area the Kowloon summit.Here topography is high.Looks out into the distance in here, not only may watch the bamboo sea which the mighty waves resemble, moreover may see like belt Yangtze River has flowed in the distant place.



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