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Xinduqiao Town

Xinduqiao Town
Xinduqiao Town, is a picturesque small Tibetan town and famous for its plateau pasture scenery, with vivid green grassland, streams, mountains, and Tibetan counting houses surrounding it. The Tibetan houses in the town have very spacious yard, red lacquer doors and white walls, mostly built with stones. People can also overlook the Gongga Mountain which is the most magnificent mountains in Sichuan province. Its terrain slopes generally from the northwest to the southeast, with an average altitude of 3,500 meters. The main branches in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Jinsha River, Yapan River and Dadu River, flow through the prefecture.

Xinduqiao is also called East Russia. It is a small town located in the west of Kangding County. The altitude of Xinduqiao is about 3300 meters. Although there is no prominent landmark landscape, Xinduqiao is well known as the paradise for Photographers, with more than 10 kilometers’ long “photographer corridor”.Tourists who are travelling to Sichuan-Tibet line will stop here to see the beautiful scenery, as well as taking photography. Although Daocheng, a more beautiful place along the Sichuan-Tibet line, is not far from here. There are still many people making a pause here for photography even coming here for wedding photographs.

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Xinduqiao should be from mid-October to the end of November. During this season, the gorgeous scene of blue sky, white clouds, river water, the sunlight, tall poplar, etc in the breeze, picturesque, fascinated.Because it is relatively high altitude here, so the temperature has a relatively big difference between morning and evening, warm clothes such as jackets are needed. Even if you come here in summer in July and August, also requires a long-sleeved.



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