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Yala Snow Mountain,Yala Kamiyama

Yala Snow Mountain has been listed as one of the 18 eco-tourist areas in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture state and is called “‘Yala Snow Natural Eco-tourism Zone.” This scenic area has beautiful landscape and many types of tourism resources. One of the most fascinating is a blue mountain lake under the pyramid-shaped Yala peak, where the lake and glacier ice connect and form the ice waterfall, a exquisite natural picture.

Yala Snow Mountain (5820 m) journey starting & ending at Chengdu takes us through traditional local villages within the Tagong Grasslands. Situated to the northwest of Kangding in Kham Area, this large grassland is surrounded by scenic snow mountains landscape. Famous Tanggong Monastery is located inside the grasslands where people of the region come together every festival for song & dance.

Mugecuo Nature Reserve is another popular place in the area offering beautiful alpine lakes & scenic vistas. The holy Yala Snow Mountain located here remains snow-capped throughout the year. Yala Snow Mountain is also the cradle of Yala River which eventually empties into the Dadu River. Scores of ravines are spread around the Yala landscape to charm the visitors.

Tagong Grassland
Tagong Grassland is 110 km away from Kangding City. You can travel west from Kangding along Chuan-Zhang Road, pass around Zheduo Mountain, pass Xindu Bridge and then go north to Tagong Temple. Tagong Grassland is beautiful in scenery with different kinds of flowers blooming together and gentle in landform with abundant natural resources. From every mid-July to the beginning of August, Tagong government holds the traditional horse-racing, and the herdsmen wear the splendid costumes, join in and celebrate the grand meeting from all directions. On the horse-racing ground, the horse runs speedily, and the stunning horse skill performance wins a burst of sound of cheer; furthermore, people can enjoy colorful national costumes of Tibetan girls and various local handicrafts, which demonstrate the deeply Tibetan's pastoral culture in the pasturing area.



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