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Located in the northwest of Hunan Province, about 400 kilometers away from Changsha, capital of Hunan, covering a total area of 9,563 square kilometers, Zhangjiajie is a tourist city for its unique natural scenery and abundant tourism resources.Zhangjiajie is a prefecture-level city consisting of Yongding and Wulingyuan Districts, Cili and Sangzhi Counties. Within it is located Wulingyuan Scenic Area which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. What’s more, Zhangjiajie was awarded the title of “World Geological Park” in 2004.

The outstanding landscape features of Zhangjiajie are Quartz Sandstone Peak Forest and Karst Caves constitute, which are rare in the world. Here you'll find hundreds of grotesque peaks, beautiful waters, towering trees, deep valleys, marvelous caves and exuberant forest that have formed a complete primitive ecological environment. Actually, Zhangjiajie, honored as "the most fantastic mountain under heaven" and" a living Chinese landscape painting". It is also widely acclaimed as “an enlarged potted landscaping”, “a miniature fairyland” and “a maze of nature", attracting a growing number of tourists from home and abroad.
?After more than twenty years’ development, tourism industry has become the leading industry in Zhangjiajie, which has stimulated the development of other industries related to tourism. At the same time, ecotourism has been developed rapidly in Zhangjiajie. When coming to Zhangjiajie, you can fully appreciate its magnificent natural scenery and experience appealing folk custom as well as other thrilling tourist activities, and you will be deeply impressed by the hospitality of local people.


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