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Healthy and Safety Travel in China

Healthy & Medical Tips in China

Do I need to bring my medical record with me?
We suggest you taking your medical record when you travel in China. This medical document will provide a great help when some emergencies happen when traveling.

Information in your medical record should be a detailed as it can including contents of your blood type, allergies, vaccination record, your currently taken medication (both prescription and non-prescription), your doctor’s name, address, phone number, the name and phone number of the emergency contact, your insurance company’s name, address and phone number.

Before you begin your China tour, you can ask some advices from your doctor. Keeping remind that what should be paid attention such as the altitude matter, the weather influence and the food should not be eaten.

Tips on Avoiding Discomforts in China
Sometimes your tour may be unpleasant because of the discounts caused by the different climate, eating habits and some other factors. We can give you some suggestions to get rid of the bad mood when you are abroad.
Searching for enough information about the climate and weather in your destinations
Packing suitable clothes if your itinerary includes those destinations which have wide range of temperature in one day
The food bought from the street vendors may be delicious but you’d advised not eat it.
Informing your travel advisor about special requirement on meals in advance so that
Having a good rest in the hotel after your international airplane
Checking about the direction of the emergency exit and the safety of electricity machines in the room
Keeping a good mood when you find the delay of your domestic air plane
Do not get in close contact with animals, especially dogs, cats and monkeys to keep away from rabies.

How about medical services in China?
With the economic development, medical services in China have been got a higher level for treating patients. While, different areas also provide different service qualities according to the development level.
Generally medical services in rural areas are much worse than that in urban areas, where medical facilities and equipment are advanced and doctors are qualified. Western-style medical facilities with international staffs are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and a few other large cities.

Safety Tips When Travelling in China

Top China Travel agency would like to list some safety tips for your reference. We are glad to let every one who plan to or is travelling in China have a pleasant tour without any poor experience.

Safety tips of hotel accommodation
Never leave your luggage unattended
Tell your family, relatives or friends the hotel name, address, telephone number, check-in time
If you join a group tour, take down the telephone numbers of your teammates’ rooms
Determine in advance where the Emergency Exists are
Store valuables in the hotel's safety deposit box
Expensive items of clothing should be locked inside a suitcase.
If someone knocks, check the identity of caller.
The tap water is not drinkable water in China.

Safety tips on the street
Ensure your valuable things (video, camera, wallet, mobile phone, etc. ) is not shown outside
Don’t show off your money in public
Don’t carry your important travel documents such as passport and visa in your shoulder bag or bum bag
When lost ask a police officer or shop owner for directions - not a stranger
Carry certified copies of documents and leave the originals in the safe deposit box
Carry small change in your wallet and your bank notes / credit cards separately in your pocket or in a pouch under your shirt

Safety tips on ATMs Beware of card swapping at ATMs (Bank machines) and press Cancel should somebody try to distract you. Carry card details

(without the pin code) on you. All ATMs display details of a 24 hour help line
When using ATM, ensure there is no one standing so close to you
When using ATM, still keep an eye of your card and your cooperation.
If someone is tapping your shoulder in this moment, firstly ensure to get back your card and then turn back to see who he is.
Be cautious of scams where well dressed strangers offer to phone the bank on your behalf on their cell phone, when your card .

gets stuck. They invariably will ask you for your pin. Your pin is not required to cancel a card.
Safety tips when you have free time from your Top China Travel tour
Not recommended to go around alone, especially elderly people
Not recommended to visit some places that seems not open to the tourists
If a place is in a construction project, choose another way
Better to ensure some places you plan to go with your tour guide or your tour leader
If you could not contact your tour guide/tour leader/CTS tour adviser timely, dialing 110 (Police number)

Properties Security in Public
No matter which cities you tour in, the following tips may be very useful for you to ensure the safety of yourself and the

security of your property.

Do not show off your money in public
Do not leave your valuables in your room, you should put them into the safety deposit box
Do not wear any jewelry that may cause a thief’s attention when you go our for strolling
Do not wear a bag or purse on your street-side shoulder
Do not enter into any areas or sites that are not open to foreigners
Do not quarrel with anyone during your trip
Do not carry your important travel documents such as passport and visa in your shoulder bag or bum bag
It is better to take traveler checque than cash
It is better to keep an eye on your possession in crowded areas
It is better to take a local map with you and mark your hotel location on it
It is better to built a good friendship with your tour guides and other group members, this will make you have a pleasant trip
It is better to bring with you any over-the-counter medicines you might need, such as pain-killers, cold medicines, or anti- diarrhea medicine, and a small first-aid-kit.
Some useful numbers when you find you are in a dangerous situation:
0086- International code of China
110- Police/ Emergency
119- Fire alarm
120- First aid
112- Urban telephone trouble desk
113- Domestic long-distance manual registration desk
114- Urban telephone information desk
115- International long-distance registration desk
116- Domestic long-distance manual information desk
117- Time
121- Weather forecast