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How to Book

Booking Online Step By Step

Details about the application circuit:

1. Discuss the route after you come to China

2. Then discuss the price

3. Our company then offer the verified letter

4. Iif the guests need to prepare the visas, please contact us two or three months earlier.

5. If needs to remit bargain money, please remit it 14 days before the tour begins. If having been remitted, please inform us by writing to us.

6. The rest of the tour fee, please pay it off before the tour starts.

7. Before five days of the tour, ask for the final verification.

The exact contact means of our company:

Travel around Chengdu-Contact EMAIL: chengduguide@163.com

Travel around Sichuan-Contact EMAIL:chengduguide@hotmail.com

Travel around Lanzhou and the Silk Road-Contact EMAIL: lanzhouguide@163.com

Phone number: 0086+13678193060
Fax: 0086+28+61761437