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Chinese provinces

Chinese provinces

China's system of political geography differs somewhat from that in other countries. Most of it is broken up into provinces (省), but there are several other geographic units of the same hierarchical rank as provinces:Various ethnic groups have autonomous regions (自治区), although their autonomy is far from complete. For the traveler, these can generally be thought of as provinces, but in political discussions the distinction may be important.
Four of the larger municipalities (市) are not part of provinces, but independent entities whose leaders report directly to Beijing. The smallest of these, Tianjin, has a population well over 10 million. The largest, Chongqing, has over 30 million residents.
Hong Kong, Macau, and Wolong are special administrative regions (SARs, 特别行政区). Both Hong Kong and Macau are former colonies — Hong Kong British and Macau Portuguese — that rejoined China in the late 90s. Their economies and distinct political systems are allowed to flourish under separate regulatory regimes from the Mainland under the slogan "One country, two systems". The SARs have their own currencies, issue their own visas, and elect their own representative assemblies through a combination of direct and indirect representation. Wolong was originally a nature reserve, until in the early 80s, when the Chinese government designated the nature reserve and areas surrounding it into its own SAR. Wolong's political system is currently limited to nature preservation.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anhui 安徽
Beijing 北京
Chongqing 重庆
Fujian 福建
Gansu 甘肃
Guangdong 广东
Guangxi 广西
Guizhou 贵州
Hainan 海南
Hebei 河北
Heilongjiang 黑龙江
Henan 河南
Hong Kong 香港
Hubei 湖北
Hunan 湖南
Jiangsu 江苏
Jiangxi 江西
Jilin 吉林
Liaoning 辽宁
Macau 澳门
Inner Mongol (Neimenggu) 内蒙古
Ningxia 宁夏
Qinghai 青海
Shandong 山东
Shanxi 山西
Shanxi 陕西
Shanghai 上海
Sichuan 四川
Taiwan 台湾
Tianjin 天津
Tibet (Xizang) 西藏
Sinkiang(Xinjiang) 新疆
Yunnan 云南
Zhejiang 浙江