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Zhangye Danxia Landform and Dunhuang 5 days Tour

Zhangye Danxia Landform and Dunhuang 5 days Tour
Tour Code:SLNO61

Travel Route

Tour Itinerary
D1 Lanzhou pick-up
Your guide will meet you at Lanzhou airport and take you to your hotel.

D2 Zhangye / Danxia Landform
In the morning, take high-speed train from Lanzhou to Zhangye to view the danxia landform, the wonderful red land with castle, pagoda, pillar, etc shapes. In 2010, Chinese danxia landform was added in World Culture Heritage List. Accommodate in Zhangye.

D3 Jiayuguan Great Wall / Giant Buddha Temple
In the morning, go to Jiayuguan from Zhangye to visit Giant Buddha Temple and the Great Wall. Both Jiayuguan and Zhangye locate on Silk Road. On the way from Jiayuguan to Zhangye, you will visit the Giant Buddha Temple which is famous for its indoor sleeping buddha. It is said that one person can lay down on the buddha’s middle finger and eight people can sit side-by-side on its left ear.
When get to Jiayuguan, you’ll visit the Great Wall here. As you may know, the Great Wall then was built for defending the state. In the history, Jiayuguan Great Wall play a grate role in military.In the late afternoon, you’ll be taken to your hotel in Jiayuguan.

D4 Jiayuguan / Dunhuang
Today, you go to Duhuang to accommodate there.you visit Mogao Grottoes, folk name thousand-buddha grotto. It has a history of over 1500 years and is now the largest and most abundant base of Buddhist art. It was added in the World Cultural Heritage List in 1987.
After visiting Mogao Grottoes, you’ll be guide to Singing Sands Mountain. As you can see in its name, it’s an area in desert where the sands make sounds.In the late afternon, you guide will take you back to your hotel.

D5 Dunhuang-Lanzhou
In the morning, you’ll be sent to the ariport or train station to end your tour in this part.Tour group dissolved.